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We believe in offering only the best customer service and finest results. We offer interior and exterior detailing services in the Rigby area and have worked on cars, trucks, SUVs, motorhomes, RVs, and more.

At V&H Auto Detailing, we use the best products from top manufacturers. We can guarantee high-quality results because we don't use cheap products and our thorough attention to detail is second to none.

If you are interested in our past work, browse through our portfolio of examples of our detailing services. Our portfolio features examples of our interior and exterior work on our clients' vehicles.

Past Projects

At V&H Auto Detailing, our work speaks for itself. For car owners that only want the best for their vehicles, we provide a beautiful finish inside and out. If you are wondering if our auto detailing services are right for you, check out our portfolio. We have documented numerous examples of our work both on the interior and exterior of cars. Our portfolio is full of real results from our clients’ vehicles.


Why Do You Need Car Detailing?

Most cars are overloaded with stains and bacteria that accumulate over the years. After a few years, the average driver is used to seeing layers of dirt and debris as part of the car. Running a quick vacuum over the floor is less effective than cleaning the entire interior from its ceiling to its floors, windows, seats and everywhere in between. When driving an unclean car becomes unpleasant, it's time to contact a reliable provider of auto detailing in Rigby.

Why do you need auto detailing? Auto detailing is a deep cleaning service for the car's interior and exterior. The car is cleaned from top to bottom and down to the finest detail. It is thoroughly vacuumed, scrubbed clean, waxed, polished, and restored to like new condition. Drivers are encouraged to receive this service from V&H Auto Detailing every one to two years. Drivers who receive auto detailing are twice as likely to maintain their cars regularly. This maintenance typically includes annual oil changes, tire rotations, exterior washes, and other services. Detailing is mainly a cosmetic service while auto maintenance is a technical service to ensure that the car runs smoothly. Waxing is included in many auto detailing services. It's recommended to apply a protective sealant over the car's exterior, but many drivers fail to see the benefits. The wax acts as a barrier that blocks the car from developing scratches and cracks that are difficult to remove. A waxed surface is less likely to form stains that mar the car's appearance.

Detailing is the cosmetic solution to your car's problems. However, detailing is rarely remembered and done because it involves cleaning, which most people don't want to do themselves. That's why companies like V&H Auto Detailing are eager to serve drivers and provide the finest auto detailing in Rigby and surrounding areas.

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